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A Glimpse of the Holy City of Lhasa 4 day(s)
Grassland and Desert in Inner Mongolia 3 day(s)
Fantastic Hakka earthen buildings exploration tour 3 day(s)
Guilin and Yangshuo-Biking and Rafting 3 day(s)
A Glimpse at Shaolin Kung fu and Longmen Grottoes 3 day(s)
Yungang Grottoes and Pingyao Tour 4 day(s)
Mt. Huangshan Tour (sightseeing or hiking) 4 day(s)
Leisure tour in Chengde (2 days) 2 day(s)
Pingyao weekend tour 3 day(s)
Yungang Grottoes and Hanging Temple 3 day(s)
Confucius Culture Tour 4 day(s)
Inner Mongolia Leisure Tour 4 day(s)
Xi'an Warrior Tour 4 day(s)

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New Tours  
Simatai_great_wall_1.jpg Duration: 1 Day
This is THE hike for first-time Great Wall hikers !!! This is the location where most people fall in love with the Great Wall, and hiking along it! Both sections are well-maintained, and what you will see is awesome!
Gubeikou_great_wall_3.jpg Duration: 2 Days
This is our most-popular 2-day excursion! Day 1 is fairly-easy hiking, getting our “hiking legs” limbered up. We will follow the Great Wall through the countryside, where we will have the chance to see villagers going about their day-to-day tasks. Day 2 will be easier
Shanhaiguan_great_wall_3.jpg Duration: 3 Days
This is an abbreviated version of our more-comprehensive 12-day hike. It is carefully designed for the Great Wall enthusiast who would like to experience the best parts of the eastern Wall, but who has only limited time. We start on the ocean, at Dragon’s Head, and hike eastward to Dongjiakou, where descendants of the original builders still proudly maintain “their” section of the wall. A really unique experience!
China-Horseriding-Hulunbeier (2).jpg Duration: 5 Days
Horseback Riding, Camping, and Hiking through Inner Mongolia on a 5 day Adventure Tour through Inner Mongolia's famous Grasslands and Forests.
Guizhou-Minority (16).jpg Duration: 9 Days
Guizhou is one of the provinces in China has most diverse ethnic groups live in. There are plenty of them still live in the traditional buildings, eat local food, and celebrating local festivals. So here is an opportunity for you to join those happy people to sing and dance together in the rural area of Guizhou and Guangxi. Moreover, rice terrace in Longsheng is also famous for its particular shape, which demonstrate that Chinese minority are bright to figure out how to develop agriculture in ancient society. Guilin and Yangshuo are also reknown for the beautiful nature lanscape.
Shanghia-the  bund.jpg Duration: 9 Days
The tour includes four famous cities. It could give you a favorable impression of China, not only in Nature and traditional culture, but also in modernization and economic development. We will try to give you enough time to visit the Capital-Beijing, explore the ancient city-Xian. Then fly to Guilin, which is primarily known for its enticing and unique scenery. Chinese frequently refer to it as the world's most beautiful scenery. The last station is Shanghai. It will leaves you free time to experience the largest gateway city in China. All of these will make you a wonderful experience of real China.
IMG_2761.JPG Duration: 13 Days
This tour will familiarize you with several of the best-known areas in China –Exploring ancient Beijing and hiking along the Great Wall,Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, Panda exploration in their habitat and mysterious Yunnan province with its interesting ethnic groups. At the same time, what makes this tour differenciated with others are we are actually add more adventure experiences in it, such as hiking along the Great Wall, biking on one of the oldest city wall, Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking. We believe that with those authentic experiences for your first China trip would make the tour a truly memorable one indeed.

Hot Tours  
Sichuan-Buddhuism-Mt.Emei-Leshan (1).jpg Duration: 5 Days
The Mount Emei-Leshan Giant Buddha Historic Scenic Area, situated in the Leshan Region, Sichuan Province, consists of two parts, Mount Emei and the Leshan Giant Buddha. In Chinese the name Emei is homonymous to moth brow, to suggest that the mountain is wriggling "like the head of a smaller strain of cicada named qin, and the brows of a moth".
Yuanyang-Hani-rice-terrace (3).jpg Duration: 5 Days
Yuanyang is renowned for its rice terraces, sculpted by bare hands by the Hani people one thousand years ago, transforming a barren valley into a humid Eden; perfect for rice crops. The 1000m of mountain slopes of terraces is still in use today, claiming to be the world's most spectacular and extensive terraces. It is a self sustaining ecosystem and a perfect example of a symbiosis with nature.
China-Watersplashing-festival-Xishuangbanna (4).jpg Duration: 6 Days
The Water-Splashing Festival, New Year's Day by Dai calendar, will be celebrated in the Jinghong City Proper between April 12 and 18. The grandest festival of the Dai is usually held along with activities such as dragon-boat racing, sending off skyrockets, and throwing love pouches. It is believed that everyone being splashed at will have good luck.Besides,we will trek and bike in tropical forests of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Region,.It is warm and green all year round and is most beautiful when you reach the rarely visited villages on our trekking routes. The locals still maintain a slash and burn farming lifestyle. The richer villagers live in wooden huts with tiled roof, while the poorer ones in bamboo huts with thatched roofs. This trip offers you a unique opportunity into the tropical part of Yunnan, highlighting the delights of country life of the ethnic minorities.
Tibet-shigatse- Tashilunpo Monestary.jpg Duration: 6 Days
This trip is designed for the travelers who don't have a long time for the exploring Tibet but are keen on the Tibetan culture and the amazing highland scenery. It will start in Lhasa, the holy capital of Tibet. Make our way to Gyantse and Shigatse to visit the famed Gyantse Castle, Yamdrok Lake.
Xinjiang-Turpan-Gaochang ruin.jpg Duration: 8 Days
The Silk Road offers travelers a fascinating mix of dramatic landscape along with a rich cultural heritage that includes the world's greatest repository of Buddhist cave art. Begin our trip in lanzhou, along the Hexi Corridor towards to the west, explore the enchanting oasis of Turpan, then fly over the Taklamakan desert to Kashgar for SUNDAY MARKET.

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