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Estos son sólo algunos testimonios de los clientes que viajaron a China con nosotros. ¿Quiere compartir sus comentarios con otros, por favor haga clic aquí. Nuestro grupo de clientes desea que usted tenga una excelente aventura, debido a nuestros servicios profesionales y personalizados.

  Nombre completo: Huang ZhiJun
  Nacionalidad: China
  Fecha de viaje: Sep 07, 2007
  Itinerario del Tour: Inner Mongolia Leisure Tour
 Observaciones detalladas

Hi Lisa,
上次的旅游很愉快, 导游很友好,尽他所能帮助我们解决旅途中遇到的问题,我们很感谢。


  Nombre completo: Jodie Caines
  Nacionalidad: Australia
  Fecha de viaje: Aug 11, 2007
  Itinerario del Tour: 2-day hike: Gubeikou - Jinshanling - Simatai
 Observaciones detalladas

Hi Lisa,
Yes we all had a wonderful time on our tours!
My only suggestion would be to include any special type of clothing we may
need on the itinerary e.g. we ended up with very scratched leg's on the
first day of hiking along the wall because we wore shorts and we had to hike
off the wall through mountain forest at certain points!
Actually my boyfriend and I are wanting to take another tour through CN
Adventure if you could put together another quote for me I would appreciate
it. We want to take the 2 day Mongolia tour and then when we get back to
Beijing do another 2 days hiking along the wall (preferably a different
section to the one I recently hiked.)
We would want to book soft sleeper trains to and from Shanghai to Beijing.
We would like to go over the October national holiday.
Thanks again for everything, we were happy with all our guides, drivers and
Jodie Caines

  Nombre completo: Neil Green
  Nacionalidad: United States
  Fecha de viaje: Aug 10, 2007
  Itinerario del Tour: Xi'an Warrior Tour
 Observaciones detalladas

Trip to Xi'an was very good. The guide (Benny) was excellent. We learned a lot about Xi'an and its history from Benny. He was flexible in accommodating the activities and sights we were interested in seeing. He is also very good with children. We had very limited interaction with the driver, but he was on-time and very courteous.

  Nombre completo: Vanessa
  Nacionalidad: Germany
  Fecha de viaje: Aug 03, 2007
  Itinerario del Tour: Grassland and Desert in Inner Mongolia
 Observaciones detalladas

yes!!! and thank you, food was fine, Michael was very considerate and problems
take care and thank you again

  Nombre completo: Roli Chandra
  Nacionalidad: India
  Fecha de viaje: Aug 03, 2007
  Itinerario del Tour: Grassland and Desert in Inner Mongolia
 Observaciones detalladas

Hi Mandy,
The trip was very good and the driver and the guide were very nice too....
In all everything was fine and we enjoyed and had no problem.
Thanks a lot for your support and help in making this trip wonderful and pleasant.

  Nombre completo: Eric Kukula
  Nacionalidad: United States
  Fecha de viaje: Jul 28, 2007
  Itinerario del Tour: 2-day hike: Gubeikou - Jinshanling - Simatai
 Observaciones detalladas

Hi Lisa,
The tour was absolutely fantastic. I’ve been telling everybody about it. It was exactly what I was looking for and the weather, besides being a little hot, was perfect as well and allowed us to camp out.
The guide and driver were very good as well and would recommend this trip to people serious about hiking harsh sections of the wall. It was amazing to be out along the wall and not see anyone the entire day except for a farmer tending to his goats. I cannot even explain how real it felt compared to at Badaling during my visit last year.
Also, your communication was excellent in getting back to me about the tour, which with the Olympics coming up next year is a big plus for any Americans coming over. While I enjoyed the trip and loved the challenge it provided, you may want to add more of a caution on the website that it does include steep climbs and narrow pathways even more than the description has on it currently.
Again, the trip was exactly what I was looking for, so thank you for all your help and communication. If and when I come back to China it will be to head west to Tibet, so you will be hearing from me when that trip happens.
Let me know if I can be of anymore help.

  Nombre completo: Simone Recktenwald
  Nacionalidad: Luxembourg
  Fecha de viaje: Jul 14, 2007
  Itinerario del Tour: Leisure tour in Chengde (2 days)
 Observaciones detalladas

Hello Lisa,
Our trip to Chengde was great. We were very satisfied with hotel and
guide and we enjoyed the two days. Everything was very good organised,
guide and driver were always on time and the guide could give a lot of
explanation. It was very interesting.
Many thanks for your support.
Simone Recktenwald

  Nombre completo: Jens Wieland
  Nacionalidad: Australia
  Fecha de viaje: Jul 06, 2007
  Itinerario del Tour: Inner Mongolia Leisure Tour
 Observaciones detalladas

Hi Mandy,
we had a great trip. The driver and guide did a really good job. The yurts were much better than expected, not cold at night at all. Food was better in the city. Still, it was good food in the grassland. Only the breakfast was not so good. Overall, we had a lot of fun and a very good time. Unfortunately I broke one finger and bruised another during the wrestling with the locals. Having a surgery tomorrow. But things like that just happen.

  Nombre completo: Dave and Lorilyn
  Nacionalidad: Canada
  Fecha de viaje: Jun 10, 2007
  Itinerario del Tour: Thirteen-day tour in Beijing, Huanshan and Hangzhou
 Observaciones detalladas

Dear Cnadventure,
Our trip was wonderful. We are recommending you to our friends. Our tour guide and driver were fantastic. They were always on time, knowledgable about the sites we visited and always very friendly. The hotel was very nice and its location was even better. We also enjoyed the restaurants and felt that we had a good sampling of all the different foods native to Beijing. The assistance you gave us before we even began our trip was very helpful and much appreciated. After Beijing our trip continued to go perfectly thanks to your guidance. You provide wonderful service that is flexible, professional and a great value. Thanks for your help and for making our trip in China absolutely perfect.
Dave and Lorilyn

  Nombre completo: Mark Unger
  Nacionalidad: Australia
  Fecha de viaje: Apr 12, 2007
  Itinerario del Tour: 1-day hike: Jianshanling to Simatai
 Observaciones detalladas

Thanks Lisa. I don't mind about the van breakdown.

The guide was very good. I enjoyed his company very much and the information he gave about the wall was great.

It was a fun day.


Mark Unger

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