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Our Past Hikes Outside of Beijing
Saturday April 3rd, 2010
We’ll start Changucheng Village where we’ll check out its old opera stage and temples, head up to the border stone between Hebei and Beijing province, and end at the top with a spectacular and rare view of The Great Wall at one of its original round watchtowers.
Saturday April. 17th, 2010
Hike the amazing views as we visit the dam of Huanghuacheng Reservoir, hike the Great Wall trails of Xishuiyu, explore Yaoziyu Castle built in the Ming Dynasy, and have lunch at Xichiuyu Lake.
Saturday May. 1st, 2010
 We’ll start in Yantaishan Park and end at Dajuesi Temple. Besides a breath-taking view, Dajuesi Temple also offers boutique teas made on-sight.
Saturday May. 15th, 2010
This 3-4 hour hike runs along part of the older, more wilder part of the Great Wall. We’ll pass three of its old beacon towers, a beautiful park located at the bottom of the gorge.
Saturday May. 29th, 2010
Hike over steep and rocky terrain to the highest point of the hike, The Nine-Eyes Tower.
Saturday, June. 12, 2010
Three hour hike through the valley of mountains along a beautiful flowing river. The shade and water make it a perfect hike for a hotter, summer day.
Saturday, June. 26, 2010
What is great about this hike is it combines the Old wall with the New Wall. We’ll start at an old Chinese village, walk along an unrestored part of the wall, and then head to the restored section of Mutianyu.
Saturday, July. 24, 2010
This is a great hike that offers some awesome panoramic views, shaded trails through beautiful greenery, and a little fun in the stream that runs partially along it. The hike begins with a gradual uphill path to the first beautiful view of Yanging County.
Saturday, Aug. 7th, 2010
This is a fairly easy A to B walk. It is a perfect hike for a hot, summer day as the trail runs along a soft-flowing river in the valley of the mountains. The first half is a bit more of an easier hike with some hopping on stones to cross the river (Don’t worry though there are no rapids or anything like that! ) . The other part of the hike is through a stunning steep-sided gorge. Towards the end of the walk you will reach the lake of Xiao Xi Hu with breathtaking views of the Great Wall.
Saturday, Sep. 4th, 2010
The hike is a circular loop, beginning at Hai Zi Village near the Silver Pagodas. Here you will find a 300-year-old stage and a temple that is truly a site. If you think about it, the US is only 233 years old on July 4, 2010. It sort of puts some of China’s history in perspective. The hike ends at a mesmerizing site featuring 6 gigantic Silver Pagodas are a beautiful site. This is a must do hike outside of Beijing… and that’s why we’re going on it!

Hiking from Baidaoyu to Yunmeng Valley

Saturday, Oct 16th, 2010

We will start at Baidaoyu village and hike along a stone-filled valley sheltered by the mountain on both sides. The first half of the hike is uphill from about 200m gradually up to about 800m. Once we hit the top, we will walk down to a nice farm field with an abandoned village on the way. The last part of the hike is along Yunmenxia, where there is beautiful creak running beside the trail. However, there is no mountain trail for this part of the hike and we will walk along the road here. At the exit, we will be asked to pay the entrance cost of 20RMB/person for Yunmenxia valley.


Yangbiancheng Great Wall Hiking

Saturday, Oct 30th, 2010

    This is a great hike combine the best preserved Great Wall with fantastic mountain view and the countryside field with abandoned villages. We will start the hike from a beautiful village with all kind of fruit trees. Get out of the village we will climb slowly along the abandoned country road up the mountain to the Great Wall. This section of the wall was called “Yangbian Wall(Yangbian means good template)” and built up in the early years of the Ming Dynasty by the Ming troops and basically constructed of stone.



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