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HomeEducational Culture Tour Program in Hangzhou

Educational Culture Tour Program in Hangzhou

Codigo del tour: ED-E-001
Duracion: 5days
Destino: Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Tiempo apropiado para la visita: from Mar to Oct
Fecha de salida: on request 2019
Effort Nature Culture

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Educational Culture Tour Program in Hangzhou

 At A Glance:


§  Five Day Action-Packed Educational Tour


o  Cultural Immersion with Fun Outdoor Activities like…Biking along the causeway

o   Learn how to Tie-Dye at the China National Silk Museum

o   Make Chinese pottery at the Southern Song Dynasty Guan Kiln Museum

o   Learn and Practice Seal-Carving, Magic and Kungfu

o   Evening Sports Activities


o   Sunset hike under the Causeway

§  Taste local foods and delicacies of Hangzhou

§  Have fun with friends and make new ones from school

§  Many delicious buffet breakfasts and dinners! 



This Cultural Expedition program is designed to give students the opportunity to experience a different and interesting Chinese culture in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. This area is known for its breath-taking beauty and rich culture. Not only will we be taking part in cultural and educational activities like visiting a primary school and learning about and making our own traditional Chinese Pottery and Teas, but we’ve also created an itinerary that includes adventure, sightseeing, and fun activities like a boat cruise on the West Lake and learning Kung Fu. This 5 day trip to Hangzhou is the kind students will remember forever, will talk about with their friends and family, and will get a closer look into the amazing Chinese Culture and Landscape.


Detailed Itinerary of 5 Day Educational Tour in Hangzhou:


Day 1 Hangzhou | Meals - D

Activities – West Lake Cruise

§  14:30 – Airport pickup and transfer downtown

§  17:00 – Transfer to Pier & to embark on the West Lake Cruise [50 Minutes – 3 Cruise Ships or 1 depending on wind]

§  18:00 – Transfer to Hotel & Check-In

§  19:30 – Late buffet dinner at Hotel [All 3 Groups Dine Together]


Day 2 Hangzhou | Meals – B,L,D

Activities – Taiji or Kongfu, Tea Museum Visit, Team Farm visit & Hiking, Magic Learning in Evening

§  6:30 – Rise & Shine

§  7:00-8:30 – Transfer to Xihutiandi to do Taiji or Kungfu learning [With professional coaches by the lake shore for 1 hour. Transfer back to hotel at 8:30]

§  9:00 – Group Breakfast

§  10:00 – Visit the Tea Music to learn about the tea culture of China

§  12:00 – Tase the Longjing tea, visit a traditional tea farmer house, and learn how to make tea.

§  13:00 – Hike Around the Tea Garden (about 3.5 hours) with a picnic lunch along the way. We’ll hike from Longjing Village to Bamboo Forest to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere surrounded by diverse flora and greenery.

§  17:00 – Transfer back to the hotel and have a rest

§  18:30 – Buffet dinner at the hotel

§  19:30 – Learn Magic with professional magician. Everyone will learn three different tricks with their own props (about 1 hour – All 3 Groups Together)


Day 3 Hangzhou | Meals – B,L,D

Activities –  School visit, Seal-Carving, Causeway Sunset Walk, Sports Activities in Evening

§  8:00 - Breakfast

§  9:00 – Group A: Biking in Xixi Wetland Park, Learn Seal-Carving (1 hr) and make on on their own.

o   Group B will do this on Day 5 / Group C will do this on Day 4

§  12:30 – Lunch at Restaurant

§  14:00 – Primary School Visit: Chat, Have lessons, and play sports (2 hours)

§  16:30 – Transfer to Su Causeway for leisure sunset walk along the West Lake (40 minutes)

§  17:30 – Transfer to a local restaurant for Dinner

§  19:00-21:00 – Transfer to Indoor Sport Center for activities

§  21:00 – Head back to the hotel for an evening rest


Day 4 Hangzhou | Meals – B,L

 Activities –  China National Silk Museum, Tie-Dying, Shopping, & Disco Night

§  8:00 - Breakfast

§  9:00 – Group A will visit the China National Silk Museum where you’ll learn the traditional techniques of Tie-Die and try it out for yourself! The China National Silk Museum is the first state-level professional silk music in China as well as the biggest silk museum in the world.

o   Group B will do this on Day 3 | Group C will do this on Day 5

§  12:00 – Transfer to Hefang Street to grab lunch at your choosing (McDonald’s, KF< Hot Dogs at Dairy Queen).

o   We’ll spend the whole afternoon shopping at Hefang Street, an older, traditional Chinese street full of small stores that sell souvenirs and hand crafts. There are also lots of snacks and local delicacies to try.

o   18:00 – Final Buffet Dinner at the hotel

o   19:30 – 21:30 – Disco Night at hotel!


 Day 5 Hangzhou | Meals – B,L

 Activities –  Pottery and Art Making, Transfer to the Airport

§  8:00 – Breakfast and Check out of Hotel

§  9:00 – Group A will arrive at the Southern Song Dynasty Guan Kiln Museum. This museum is built over the remains of Jiaotanxia Guan Kiln and is the first museum with pottery and porcelain as its subject in China. Among many beautiful works of art, the museum displays the products of the guan kilns of the Southern Song Dynasty, highlighting their charm and delicate beauty. You’ll also get to spend time doing pottery yourself and plate Paintings at the Pottery Bar. (2 hours)

o   Group B will do this on Day 4 | Group C will do this on Day 3

§  12:00 – Light Lunch

13:00 – Transfer to the airport and flight back home 




Costo de Tour:               conversión actual

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Two of us enjoyed a truly wonderful tour of Guilin, Yangshuo and surrounding countryside.    Many thanks to CnAdventures for providing very helpful assistance and our guide, David, who was really terrific, both accommodating and informative.  The trip provided a great deal of variety as we hiked, biked and rafted through some of the most gorgeous countryside I have ever seen.  An unplanned side trip to the Dragon's Backbone Rice Terrace was a most worthwhile addition to our itinerary.  Another nice aspect to the trip was the opportunity to sample some excellent local food along the way--stuffed snails and sticky rice cooked in bamboo were a couple of highlights along with rice wine and osmanthus tea. 

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