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Great Wall Hiking Tours, Trekking, Camping on Great Wall

  We specialize in Great Wall hiking. We love doing these trips as much as our customers love taking them! It is our heritage and we are proud to share it! However, we bypass the “tourist” sections, and put our effort into trekking along sections of the “wild” wall, those portions steeped in history, stretches which are of special architectural and/or historical interest, and of course spending time on those sections which are most stunningly-beautiful and photogenic. Our hiking tours including trekking, camping on Great wall range from one-day visits to certain specially-chosen areas all the way to a complete 24-day end-to-end trek, from Jiayuguan in the west to Sanhaiguan in the east, accompanied by one or more support vehicles. We offer a wide choice of Great Wall hiking tours - choose any one or let us tailor-make one for you! It’s easy and fast!  
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Great Wall Hiking
Great Wall Hiking
Great Wall Hiking Sections
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What Our Clients Say

Two of us enjoyed a truly wonderful tour of Guilin, Yangshuo and surrounding countryside.    Many thanks to CnAdventures for providing very helpful assistance and our guide, David, who was really terrific, both accommodating and informative.  The trip provided a great deal of variety as we hiked, biked and rafted through some of the most gorgeous countryside I have ever seen.  An unplanned side trip to the Dragon's Backbone Rice Terrace was a most worthwhile addition to our itinerary.  Another nice aspect to the trip was the opportunity to sample some excellent local food along the way--stuffed snails and sticky rice cooked in bamboo were a couple of highlights along with rice wine and osmanthus tea. 

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