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Ten simple steps to make global travel websites more engaging

Published :2010-08-18 17:08

 By Special Nodes  on 11 August 2010

NB: This is a guest post by Swamy Viswanathan, vice president of products and marketing atLanguage Weaver, a Los Angeles-based software company specialising in content translation.

Ever wonder what the most popular sites do to keep traffic and grow their business? While the specific formula for success is different for each site, there are some things in common that most popular sites do.

global language

Here is a list of ten top tips that you might find relevant to apply towards your own site:

1. Make content relevant

Would you ever go back to a store if the store shelves had no labels and items were not grouped together?

Or if the store claimed to be selling one thing, but actually sold something else? Obviously not!

Likewise, make sure that your site visitors find information that they have come to see and read about. Don’t just throw content on a page in the mistaken notion that more content will automatically lead to a better page rank.

More content does lead to a better rank – but only if the content is relevant.

2. Make the content easy to read

One of the easiest ways to lose a visitor is with a layout that is confusing or where the content is hard to read.

Content is most engaging when the visitor understands it! Sounds obvious, does it not?

Research shows that consumers purchase more frequently when the content is in their own language than if they don’t understand all of the content.

So make sure that the content relevant to a visitor is available in their own language.

3. Make the content easy to find

One of the most frustrating experiences on the web and on a site is when a visitor is unable to find what they want.

The choice of the right keywords, meta-tags and page content lets the user search in their own language and be directly taken to content relevant to them.

Search on the web and on the site are two of the most powerful tools available to a site owner and making sure that a visitor can engage with this capability in their own language is crucial.

4. Let your community engage with the site

The best of sites actively encourage feedback from users. Ensure that users can rate content on the site for its relevance and utility to them. Encourage feedback.

5. Don’t just make it one way

By definition, a conversation is bi-directional communication. When a user provides feedback, ensure that they are acknowledged.

Send them a message and thank them. Just make sure that the message is personalized to who they are.

This includes acknowledging their particular contributions and communicating in their language.

6. Increase engagement

The best of sites are not just built around content, but around a community. A community that is passionate about the content, the concept of the site and is passionate about making itself heard.

Conversations tend to get siloed quickly if the participants don’t understand one another. Make sure that you encourage conversation around relevant topics by providing tools to the community to understand one another no matter the language.

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