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HomeHiking ClubBeijing Hiking Event No. 8: Haizicun to Silver Pagoda

Hiking From Haizi Village to the Silver Pagoda

Saturday,  Sep 4th, 2010

Meeting place & time: Bus leaves from East 3 rd Ring Road Lufthansa Center at 8:00am.

(We will meet at Exit C at Liangmaqiuao Subway on Line 10)

Distance: 8km 

Walking time: about 4-4.5 hours 

Starting height: approx 350m

Peak: approx 700

Location:  Changping

Travel time: 1.5-2 hours each way

Level 2+
Particular hike gradually gains about 300-600m in elevation and is fine for those with a bit of hiking experience and a decent fitness level. It takes four to five hoursJ

Hike at a Glance:

The hike is a circular loop, beginning at Hai Zi Village near the Silver Pagodas. Here you will find a 300-year-old stage and a temple that is truly a site. If you think about it, the US is only 233 years old on July 4, 2010. It sort of puts some of China’s history in perspective. The hike ends at a mesmerizing site featuring 6 gigantic Silver Pagodas are a beautiful site. This is a must do hike outside of Beijing… and that’s why we’re going on it! 

Approximate Cost:

The toll fee and vehicle rental fee (10-22 seats) is : RMB1200-1600/group 

Administration and Organization Fee(including exploration trip): RMB400/group 

The entrance fee for this event is: about RMB20/person

We will inform each of you guys who registered about the number of participates in total and how much we are going to pay roughly per person one day prior to departure. The cost tends to be between 120-180 RMB/person.

How Should You Sign up?

Easy! Just send the following info to and tell us which hike you want to go on! We try to not let the groups get too big, so, sing up as soon as you can!

The first and last name of participant(s): (If Chinese we need your Characters also) :

The Nationality of participant(s): 

The passport number of participant(s): (For insurance)

The telephone number (very important):


Meeting Point:

Click Here to Get the Directions Or Show this to the Taxi driver: 燕莎桥燕莎友谊商城 ( We are meeting here !!!)

View Larger Map  (The location of sign B is only correct in Map and Ter mode, because of the error on Google map server)

Weather forecast

What You Should Bring?


1-2 liters of water

Something to eat for lunch

A hat and sunblock if it is sunny

A waterproof jacket if it looks like it might rain

Warm clothes, hat, and gloves if it is cold

Good hiking boots


Terms and condition

1.This hiking is none-profit event and it will take the Dutch Treatment, we will not Charge any cost in advance, and we will collect the transportation fee during way to the destination. The participant will go dutch all the fee, e.g. transportation fee, leader fee, highway fee and admission fee.

2.The vehicle we used is legal tourism vehicle.

3.Hiking can be a dangerous activity, and we must emphasize that you come hiking with us at your own risk.

4.If the group is less than 5 persons, we reserve the right to cancel the event. In that case, we will put a notice on our website.

5.Cancellation Policy: If you have some emergent thing to deal and cant attend this hiking, please email us before noon 12:00 ,Friday. If you don't inform us timely, it will affect your next hiking with us. Thank you for your understanding!

6.Through our planning and organization we will try to avoid any problems and deal with anything that might occur, but CnAdventure is not responsible for accidents, injuries, or losses suffered on the hikes or on the bus.

7.Please strictly & self-conscious observe the meeting time and the group will punctual to leave by the meeting time and not wait for any late participant. But the late participant will averagely go dutch the hiking cost.

8.The leader have rights to choose the participant according to the hike level.

9.We highly welcome participant to provide the excellent hiking route, if once we accept the route that the participant offer, they will enjoy the discount for this hiking.

Hiking Safely 

By following our guidelines you will make it easier for us to look after everyone on the hike.

        Bring enough food and water: We recommend that you bring a packed lunch and some snacks, and at least two litres of water - three litres of water for a hot day. In winter, bring some hot water if you can.

        Dress appropriately: it is important to bring clothing appropriate to the weather, and you should also be prepared for surprises. Hiking can get hot, so it is good to dress in easily removable layers. It's usually a few degrees colder in the mountains than in the city, and the wind can get quite strong on the tops of the mountains. Bring something waterproof in case of rain, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

        Stay with the group:each hike has a leader and a tail-person, and you should stay between them. It is especially important to stay in front of the tail-person. Staying with the group makes it easier to follow the trail and stay safe.

        Talk to our guides: our guides will stay in contact with each other with walkie-talkies. If you need a rest, or a short moment of privacy, please let one of our guides know. If you urgently need a ‘short moment of privacy' and can't spot a guide, leave your backpack on the trail and the tail-person will know to stop and wait for you.


we can arrange insurance for you at a cost of 10RMB per day. Please get in touch well in advance if you would like to purchase insurance, it usually takes at least two days to organize. 




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