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Explore the Landscape outside of Beijing
Hiking, Camping, Biking, and more.
    The bitter cold is just around the corner and the weather will be getting colder and colder, so fewer people would like to go hiking for both the sake of coldness and safety. Therefore, the hiking activity hold by us on next week is the last opportunity for hiking lovers this year. Seize it! Our Outdoor Club will be paused until next spring.


 THE CnAdventure Outdoor Club: 


The CnAdventure Outdoor Club designs and organizes a wide diversity of hiking/camping excursions in the outer suburbs of Beijing. We are a newly formed, non-profit club, with our main aim being to provide quality hiking tours for both CnAdventure’s long-standing and potential customers and to bring something fun and exciting to do to the expat community in Beijing. For those who enjoy living a healthy outdoor life, our weekend hiking tours will be one of your best options! Join us to go for a hike and admire the beautiful scenery of China – come with us



>> If you love being outside
>> If you like meeting new, really coolinterestingfantastic people
>> All costs of trips (Van, Guide, Admission Fees, Gas, etc) will be split evenly among all members attending the trip. (Typically around 120-180RMB)
>> We’re a newly formed non-profit
>> You’ve got some free time on Saturday afternoons and are looking for the perfect thing to fill it with
>> You enjoy exploring new land and discovering new places
>> You think hanging out inside all day is overrated
>> You’re an outdoor adventure enthusiast like the rest of us
>> You like the reward of reaching your destination after a day’s hike
>> You enjoy physical fitness and healthy living
>> You’re interested in helping out the community through getting involved in some of our causes
>> You want to see what’s outside of this huge city of Beijing that we live in.
>> You’re just a really cool person who likes to do cool things with cool people involving the great outdoors, a pair of hiking boots, and a guaranteed good time.



How to Join:

1.)    Prepare yourself for an awesome time

2.)    Send us an email at

3.)    Let us know which hike you’re interested in, how many friends you’d like to bring, any questions you might have, etc.

4.)    On day of hike show up at the specified meeting location and time

5.)    Meet  cool people, have good conversation, see beautiful places, get in a good exercise, and have a great day

6.)    Arrive back in Beijing. Tell your friends about it. Let them in on the fun for the next trip.

7.)    Repeat Process


Who Can Join? :


>> Anyone and everyone from all walks of life

>> Foreigners living in Beijing, Overseas visitors, Chinese natives

>> Anyone with a good sense of humor

>> Anyone who enjoys the environmentnatureblue skies, wind in their hair…that kind of stuff

>> Anyone that likes to have fun

>> Anyone that enjoys meeting new people with similar interests and tastes

>> Anyone that wants to explore outside of the Concrete Jungle of Beijing

>> No one that is a Negative Nancy or Carl Complainer…just kidding…you can come too. There’s no such thing as a reason to complain on our trips.


“As you sit on the hillside, or lie prone under the trees of the forest, or sprawl wet-legged by a mountain stream, the great door, that does not look like a door, opens.”  ~Stephen Graham, The Gentle Art of Tramping


Terms and Conditions:

  1. This hiking is none-profit event and it will take the Dutch Treatment, we will not Charge any cost in advance, we will collect the transportation fee during way to the destination. The participant will go Dutch all the fee, e.g. transportation fee, leader fee, highway fee and admission fee.

  2. The vehicle we used is legal tourism vehicle.

  3. Hiking can be a dangerous activity, and we must emphasize that you come hiking with us at your own risk.

  4. If the group is less than 5 persons, we reserve the right to cancel the event. In that case, we will put a notice on our website.

  5. Once you've viewed the event details and have decided you'd like to join us, please register by sending email to us with the information as below: 
    The name of participant(s): 
    The number of participant(s): 
    The telephone number(very important):

  6. Cancellation Policy: If you have some emergent thing to deal and can’t attend this hiking, please email us before noon 12:00, Friday. If you don't inform us timely, it will affect your next hiking with us. Thank you for your understanding!

  7. Through our planning and organization we will try to avoid any problems and deal with anything that might occur, but CnAdventure is not responsible for accidents, injuries, or losses suffered on the hikes or on the bus.

  8. Please strictly & self-conscious observe the meeting time and the group will punctual to leave by the meeting time and not wait for any late participant. But the late participant will averagely go Dutch the hiking cost.

  9. The leader has rights to choose the participant according to the hike level.

  10. We highly welcome participant to provide the excellent hiking route, if once we accept the route that the participant offer, they will enjoy the discount for this hiking.


Hiking Safety:

By following our guidelines you will make it easier for us to look after everyone on the hike.

  • Bring enough food and water: We recommend that you bring a packed lunch and some snacks, and at least two liters of water - three liters of water for a hot day. In winter, bring some hot water if you can.

  • Dress appropriately: it is important to bring clothing appropriate to the weather, and you should also be prepared for surprises. Hiking can get hot, so it is good to dress in easily removable layers. It's usually a few degrees colder in the mountains than in the city, and the wind can get quite strong on the tops of the mountains. Bring something waterproof in case of rain, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

  • Stay with the group: each hike has a leader and a tail-person, and you should stay between them. It is especially important to stay in front of the tail-person . Staying with the group makes it easier to follow the trail and stay safe.

  • Talk to our guides: our guides will stay in contact with each other with walkie-talkies. If you need a rest, or a short moment of privacy, please let one of our guides know. If you urgently need a ‘short moment of privacy' and can't spot a guide, leave your backpack on the trail and the tail-person will know to stop and wait for you.

  • Insurance: we arrange insurance for you at a cost of 10RMB per person. We need you to provide your full name and passport number one day prior to departure  


You Can Always Contact Us At:

          *  Your travel consultant with his/her mobile phone in 24 hours.

         *  China Adventure Tours office: +86 158 1120 6644 (Work time: 09:00-18:00; Beijing Time)

         *  Manager Jennifer Jiang: +86 137 0126 7496 (24 Hours)

         *  Email:

         *  Chengdu Local Office: 
 Rm2-2-1103 Yueguangliuyu, No.99 Guangfu Rd, Wuhou district
             Phone: 028-6562410

        *  Gansu Local Office: 
            Add: No.2190, YangGuanRoad, Dunhuang city, Gansu Province. Zip code: 736200 
            Phone: 0937-8886250

        *  Yunnan Local Office: 
            Add: 3 floor B wing of BiBo Hotel,FuHui Road ,LiJiang ,Yunnan,China PR. Zip code:674100 
            Phone: 0888-5102111

        *  Inner Mongolia Local Office: 
           Add: No.4, YingbinXi St, Yakeshi City, Hulun Beier, Inner Mongolia, P.R. China, Zip code: 022150 
           Phone: 0470-7354247


Come With Us!

Send us an email at outdoorclub@cnadventure.comLet us know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas. We’d love to hear from you and would love to have you and your friends on our trips. 




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What Our Clients Say

Two of us enjoyed a truly wonderful tour of Guilin, Yangshuo and surrounding countryside.    Many thanks to CnAdventures for providing very helpful assistance and our guide, David, who was really terrific, both accommodating and informative.  The trip provided a great deal of variety as we hiked, biked and rafted through some of the most gorgeous countryside I have ever seen.  An unplanned side trip to the Dragon's Backbone Rice Terrace was a most worthwhile addition to our itinerary.  Another nice aspect to the trip was the opportunity to sample some excellent local food along the way--stuffed snails and sticky rice cooked in bamboo were a couple of highlights along with rice wine and osmanthus tea. 

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