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K2 Base camp trekking

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Tour Code: HT-W-006
Duration: 21days
Hiking Distance: about 160km
Hiking Time: 6-10 hours a day for 15 days
Good time to visit: from May to Jun, from Sep to Oct
Departure date: on request 2016
Effort Nature Culture

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Introduction to Trekking K2: 
This Three Week K2 Trip is jam packed with pure adventure, adranaline, sightseeing, and outdoor exploration. While there are many K2 Expeditions and Tours, few climbers have actually seen the majestic karakoram 8000m peaks from China’s unique side. Yes, trekking K2 gives you the chance conquer one of the world’s finest, but also most dangerous, places. And while it offers pure adventure it is crucial to have an expert K2 Guide that can ensure your safety, as well as fun. This Trek is for those that like to explore uncharted areas and enjoy pure outdoor adventure.  

Overview of CnAdventure K2 Tours:
The CnAdventure K2 Tours and Expeditions are one of our most popular tour packages as it combines both the trek to the K2 Base camp as well as China Cultural exploration. As we Trek K2 we’ll see it in our reach throughout the three weeks as we pass through Borad Peak and the Gasherbrums from the north. It is arguably the most exraordinary display of apline scenenery on the planet - a must see for mountain connosieurs, photographers, outdoor enthusiasts, adventure addicts, you get the picture!

We’ll trek along rivers, over a 16,000 foot pass, and up to the K2 Glacier. Being that trekking K2 is extremely challenging and extrenous we’ll have camals to haul your overnight gear and food while you carry a small daypack. You’ll also get to ride your camel across a few rivers on as we travel through one of the least visited parts of the Himalays. As part of our China Cultural exploration we’ll also get to visit Kashgar, home of much Islamic architecture, in the Xinjiang province, one of the most important, scenic, and historical locations of the Silk Road.

So, if you’re one of those people that wants a real adventure, to explore the uncharted areas trekking K2, and is looking for an experience you’ll remember forever, this is definitley for you. Check out our Day-by-Day itinerary below. 

Recommended size of the group: 6-12 members

May through July and September through October are best time to make this trek. Allow at least 2 weeks to do the trek described here. But in remote places such as this it is always a good idea to be flexible and allow several extra days for unforeseen situations.

 xinjiang-Kashgar-K2-mountain-base-camp-Expedition3.jpg xinjiang-Kashgar-K2-mountain-base-camp-Expedition6.jpg xinjiang-Kashgar-K2-mountain-base-camp-Expedition18.jpg

 Day-by-day Itinerary:

 xinjiang-Kashgar-K2-mountain-base-camp-Expedition11.jpg xinjiang-Kashgar-K2-mountain-base-camp-Expedition9.jpg xinjiang-Kashgar-K2-mountain-base-camp-Expedition15.jpg

K2 Trekking Day 1:
Kashgar: Introductions & Getting Aquanted
We’ll start the tour off by meeting you at the Kashgar airport, transfer to the hotel in Kashgar where we’ll have a breif meeting for introductions of our hikers and the K2 Guide as well as discuss any important information about the upcoming 3 week K2 Trekking Adventure. You’ll be staying at the Qinibake Hotel or the Seman Hotel, 2 beautiful locations.

K2 Trekking Day 2:
Kashgar/Yecheng (about 260km, by jeep, altitude 1289m, LD) 
On the first full day of our K2 Tour we will drive across some small Ugur counties and along the southwest border of Takelamagan Desert to Yecheng, a small but very important border county and starting point of Xinjiang-Tibet highway (the so-called highway is the highest altitude, the worst conditioned and dangerous road in the world. But don’t worry! Our K2 Guide will get you there safetly! The altitude of the highest pass on the way is Jieshan pass 6730m). In the evening you’ll stay in the simple hostel in the county. 

K2 Trekking Day 3:
Yecheng/Yilik/River-joint Camping site (about 320km, by jeepaltitude 3800m, BLD) 
The Road ends here today. We will drive over Akarz pass (3700m)and Maza Pass (4500m) along the Xinjiang-Tibet highway to river-joint camping site. Camping at the two rivers joint camping site. 

K2 Trekking Day 4:
River-joint Camping site/No.1 Sheepfold Camping Site(about 16km, hiking about 7-8 hoursaltitude 4300m, BLD)  
Today we will hike southwest along the Valley towards K2. Today will give us a beautiful 6-8 hour hike. At day’s end we’ll set up camp at Sheepfold Camping Site and relax with dinner cooked over an open fire.

K2 Trekking Day 5:
No.1 Sheepfold Site/Agil pass (4900m)/No.1 Red-willow Site(about 15km, hiking about7-9hours, altitude 3700m, BLD)
You don’t go trekking K2 unless you are expecting some challenge and adventure. Well, today you’ll get that. Day 6 is the hardest day of hiking. We will hike straight up for a little less than 1000m in height to the Agil pass. Keep in mind, though, that the small crystal lake, highland grassland and snow mountain afar will make the hardship worth. Today we’ll also face the exciting challenge of crossing the Keleqing River. We’ll set up camp at the No 1. Red-Willow Camp site.  

K2 Trekking Day 6:
No.1 Red-willow Site/ No.3 Red-willow Site (about 18km, hiking about 8-12 hours, altitude 3700m, BLD )

K2 Trekking Day 7:
No.3 Red-willow Site/BC of K2 (about 12km, hiking about 6-8 hoursaltitude 3980, BLD )
From No.3 Red-willow site we’ll hike southwest for about 3km. We’ll see K2 standing far away in front of us-an exciting moment. Further ahead for less than10 km, we will arrive at the Base Camp of K2(altitude 3900m). We won’t be able to see K2 from this BC, but it is a great site for camping.

K2 Trekking Day 8-12:
BC of K2 / Italian Camp (Karatash, altitude 4700m)) /BC of K2 ( about 44 Km, hiking about 24 hours, BLD)
After one-day rest to acclimatize to the altitude at BC or a side trek to see Soughat Glaciers and Huang Guan peak.  and we will hike with porters and camels to carry equipment from base camp to advance base camp along K2 glacier from the altitude 3900m to 5160m. ABC is one of the best points to see the K2 and take pictures of it. We are supposed to Camp everyday.

K2 Trekking Day 13-16:

BC of K2/ Yellow Rock (BLD)

With our camels carrying the equipment we’ll head back to Yellow Rock over 5 days with camping under the stars every night.

K2 Trekking Day 17:
Yellow Rock/Yilik/Yecheng (about 8-9km, 3 hours hiking, BLD)
Hiking about 3 hours to Yilik. Then drive back to Yecheng. Stay in local hotel.  

K2 Trekking Day 18:

Yecheng/Kashgar (BLD)
Drive back to Kashgar, stay in Kashgar Hotel. Have a good shower and rest after the long expedition. Stay in Qinibake or Seman Hotel.

K2 Trekking Day 19:
Kashgar  (BL)
Visit the Mausoleum of Abakh Khoja dating from the mid-1600s; the beautiful tiled mausoleum contains the tombs of five generations of the Afaqi family, important figures in the development of Islam in China. Also visit the 15th century Id Kah Mosque, the largest in China. In the afternoon, pay a visit of the bazaar which is a good place to buy carpets, silk scarves, pashminas, and souvenirs. Stay in hotel.

K2 Trekking Day 20:
Kashgar (Optional: Lake Karakul)  (BL)
Free day in Kashgar.

Travel to the Pamir Mountains via the spectacular Karakoram Highway. Lake Karakul is situated at over 3,000 meters elevation and is backdropped by the imposing bulk of 24,000 foot tall Muztagh Ata ("Father of Ice Mountains"). Mount Kongur, the tallest peak in the Pamirs at over 25,000 feet, can also be seen from the highway. Enjoy lunch in a restaurant at Lake Karakul. Kyrgyz nomads live in their yurts in the pastures around the lake. Return to Kashgar. Stay in the same.

K2 Trekking Day 21:
Kashgar/Home(B, the end of the service)
Free in the morning. Transfer to the airport for the flight back, end of tour. 

xinjiang-Kashgar-K2-mountain-base-camp-Expedition16.jpg xinjiang-Kashgar-K2-mountain-base-camp-Expedition12.jpg xinjiang-Kashgar-K2-mountain-base-camp-Expedition17.jpg

Tour Cost:    Currency Converter
 6-9 person10-12 personSingle Supplement
Tour CostCNY38280/P
(The cost for the child of 2-12 year old is based on 15 % discount of the adult's tour cost.Any baby less than 2 year old is free of any charges. If it turns out there is cost involved, we reserved to collect the cost.)

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  • Please reserve at least THREE MONTHES before the departure time.
  • We are ready to extend your tour in Beijing if you want. Please click Tours in Beijing for reference or contact our expert!
  • As the exchange rate of CNY to USD is floating, we reserve  the right to adjust the quote in USD according to the exchange rate on the date you pay the tour.

The tour cost includes:

  • Local transportation: A private vehicle (land cruiser in the desert or other off-road area as listed in the itinerary, bus or mini-van elsewhere in the area with good road)  will accompany us for the entire tour. While we are trekking, our vehicle will transfer our food and luggage to the appointed site or hostel and wait or meet us at the end of the trekking tour.
  • Equipment as required: tents and mats for sleeping bags when camping, rope (if necessary), water (4 liters per person per day), 2-way radios, compass , first aid kit, GPS
  • Leader: Experienced English-speaking tour leader and one or more service persons along the trip as needed
  • Entrance fees: All first-entrance tickets to the tourist spots mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Accommodation: 4-star hotels in the big cities, twin and tri-share clean hostel in the small counties or villages, occasionally private home if indicated, and tents in the desert and at certain unique camping spots mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Meals: All meals as indicated in the itinerary, with some simple picnic lunches while trekking
  • Common carrier tickets: All domestic airfares and train tickets (soft sleeper) as listed in the itinerary, if applicable
  • Extra supplier truck or staff (only needed when the area we will trek to is non-residential and not accessible for any :vehicles): truck for carrying food and all supporting equipments, and cook to prepare fresh food for the group when necessary(usually for a group more than 8 persons only), yak/camel/horse and porter for carrying luggage while trekking/camping.
  • Travel agency liability insurance.

The tour cost does not include:

  • Personal gear required: if camping, a sleeping bag sufficiently warm to protect against minus 20°C (-4°F) in June or Sep.. Also: hiking boots; raincoat; cap; camera; sun-cream; sun-glasses; pocket knife; day-pack, etc.
  • Expenses of a personal nature: favorite snacks, soft drinks, laundry , local or long-distance calls, etc.
  • Tips to tour guide and driver.
  • Tourist accident insurance. NB - you are strongly suggested to buy travel and health insurance before you start out from your home country.
  • Any service persons to carry personal belonging while trekking (although this can be arranged, it should be unnecessary - participants should find that trekking with a single day-pack for personal items should suffice.)
  • Single supplement costs (for those who want accommodation on a single basis)
  • Visa to China
  • Domestic and international flights and related airport taxes not listed in the itinerary
  • Supplementary trips, entrance fees and services not mentioned, and extra costs due to unforeseen circumstances

What makes our hikes different from the others ?

  • Your English-speaking guide stays with you the entire trip (including the hiking).
  • Our guides carry 2-way radios (and a cell phone) in case of emergencies.
  • We use safe, reliable, government-licensed vehicles (e.g. mini-vans), not a dubiously-maintained family car or taxi.
  • We use professional drivers, not a “friend” making some extra money.
  •  We save time by taking the direct routes, even if there are charges (rather than navigating back roads trying to avoid tolls).
  •  With us, there are NO “forced shopping” stops !
  • There are NO hidden costs ! (e.g. fuel surcharge)
  •   We are proud of our special designed hiking tours. We want YOU to become an ambassador of China hiking tours too!
  •  We not only want our customers to return – we want them to tell their friends! 

Remarks before reservation

  • The participants we are looking for: Walking 7-10 hours plus a day; crossing high altitude passes over difficult terrain in remote areas; excellent physical condition required with a positive attitude and a strong determination; ropes and climbing equipment (e.g., ice axe and crampons) may be used; previous hiking/camping experience preferred. Please keep in mind that this is a general guide only. A variety of factors, including weather, may add to the challenge.
  • This is a tentative itinerary. For the enjoyment of your trip a "go with the flow" attitude is necessary. Many factors will influence your trip, such as weather conditions, health, route conditions, etc. Please prepare two days more as "cushion" day in case of delays in travel due to unforeseen events.
  • If there are less than six persons in a group, we reserve the right to cancel the expedition. In this case we inform you two month before the departure time and will return all the money you paid. Please understand!
  • Regardless of your previous HA experience, it is crucial that you be self-confident, superbly fit, committed, and determined at the outset of the expedition and possess the necessary stamina and experience to be a contributing player in the ascent.
  • The cloth and equipment list will be available after the reservation.
The K2 expeditions we have successful serviced and will serve since 2000
  • 2000/08/25---09/20 : American K2 trekking expedition organized by professional Mountain Guide trip leader Mr. Jim Williams . 8 members
  • 2000/08/20---09/ 15: Spanish K2 trekking expedition organized by Muztag trip leader Mr. Luis Miguel , 6 members
  • 2001/08/25?9/18: American K2 trekking expedition organized by Professional Mountain Guide : trip leader Mr. Jim Williams 9 members
  • 2002/ 08/29?9/29 : American K2 trekking expedition organized by Wilderness Travel's Trip leader Mr. Gary Mccue , 8 members
  • 2002/09/02---10/11: British K2 trekking expedition organized by High Adventure's  trip leader : Mr. David Hamilton , 7 members
  • 2003/09/04---09/30: British k2 Trekking expedition organized by High Adventure's trip leader : Mr. David Hamilton , 8 members
  • 2004/ 06/05---06/30: Italian K2 trekking expedition organized by Focus World Expedition's Trip leader : Mr. Renato Moro , 9 members
  • 2005/08/20---09/21: American K2 trekking expedition organized by Wilderness Travel's Trip leader Mr. Gary Mccue , 14 members
K2 Expeditions & Attempts
  • It was probably for the first time in 1902 that an organized expedition of Oscar J.L. Eckenstein traveled to K-2 from Baltoro glacier. The expedition was without any guide. Its aim was to explore approaches to the mountain and possibly have a try on the peak. It was, however, harsh weather which prevented it from attempting the peak.
  • In 1909, a big Italian expedition under the leadership of resolute Luigi Amadeo Giuseppe (Duke of Abruzzi) the grandson of King Victor Emmanuel II of Italy, reconnoitred K2.
  • Two famous British mountaineers, Harold William Tilman and Eric Earle Shipton, explored and surveyed the north face of K2 and its subsidiary glaciers in 1937.
  • In 1938, the American Alpine Club sponsored a reconnaissance party for a visit to K2 area. The party reached a height of 7925 meters after setting up eight camps.
  • The next year saw another American expedition on K2. It was led by Fritz Hermann Ernst Wiessner, a German-American chemist and mountaineer. The expedition, along with nine Sherpas, made very good progress on the already-identified south-east ridge.
  • Another American attempt on K2 was made in 1953. The expedition leader was Dr. Charles Houston, who had also led the 1938 American expedition on this peak.
  • In 1954, an Italian expedition came to Pakistan to try its luck on K2. It consisted of twelve climbers and four scientists and was led by veteran mountaineer, Professor Ardito Desio, who had come to these mountains with Italian expeditions before the World War II.


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Really good English guide.

Hiking was quite tough though. 

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